GRACE Investment Advisor Compliance Management

The deluge of regulatory changes and examinations from SEC/FINRA post the market crisis and the resulting regulatory fines and reputation loss have made it necessary Investment Advisors to conduct comprehensive risk assessments and compliance monitoring across their branches and advisors.

The records of these risk assessments, issues and issues monitoring across the board has to be produced during the regulatory audits and examinations from FINRA, SEC, CFTC.

Working with Excel sheets and monitoring compliance is an option that is possible but leaves the organization with a lack of a central information base to work with and prone to many issues.

Working with a web based system like GRACE Investment Advisor Compliance Management System will enable you to build a central system that can implement your compliance process across the organization with least effort and cost and establish the “Culture of Compliance” .

GRACE Investment Advisor Compliance Management System provides you with a collaborative tool which encompasses the Compliance department and your Advisors  to build a central repository of information, work flow and analytics to be able to stay on top of all issues as they occur and ensure their mitigation. It creates early visibility into problems to control them from escalating and becoming a regulatory / reputation issue

It automates compliance management and oversight process through its streamlined functions for forms for online reporting for Outside Business Activities, Personal trades, Registration, ADV, gifts and political donations, expenses, conflicts of interest, to the organization. It provides pre-approval and approval / rejection work flows, assessment checklists, risk assessments and findings management functions for advisors  to identify issues and risks to the powerful dashboard. It allows policies and procedures to be set, reviewed, released as well as training and attestation process to ensure that the organization is fully informed of the expectations on compliance. It also captures all data, documents, reviews and comments  associated with these activities and provides a single repository of information that can be easily retrieved and offered for audit and regulatory examinations.

GRACE Investment Advisor Compliance Management System with its hosted model / in-house approach can help you to start your Compliance management program as soon as you sign up without the need to have your own internal hardware infrastructure. It is a very modular system. You can buy the modules you want as per your priorities.

- Early identification and prevention can protect you from fines from regulatory and reputation issues
- Helps senior management be confident that they are conforming to their fiduciary duties
- Creates a culture of compliance
- Builds the Enterprise ownership of knowledge and reduces people dependency

- Build a central repository of records of compliance monitoring
- Be efficient, standardized and integrated in approach to compliance management and avoid violations
- Have alerts to help you ensure that you gather information periodically and consistently to build the compliance dossier
- Be able to provide information to regulators for examinations for proof of compliance
- Be able to analyze identify compliance risks
- Search and retrieve information is at least time and cost

Written Supervisory Procedures

- Allows you to build the repository of Written Policies and Procedures through functions where you can add, update, review and release policies, procedures, manages versions and histories
- Provides access to the latest policy and procedure to the organization
- Allows query and retrieve of the WSPs on demand for your regulatory examinations

Regulations Database

- Helps you keep a repository of regulations and do an impact analysis in case of changes in regulation and manage the change process

Annual Reviews
- Provides Calendaring for Annual Review Process
- Allows to set up standard assessment checklists
- Record findings, identify issues and risks from the findings and establish a process for risk mitigation
- Manage the mitigation process through task status reporting
- Provides alerts on due and overdue dates

Advisor Functions

- Forms to report Outside Business Activities, Personal trades, gifts political contributions, personal trades, expenses, conflicts of interests
- Pre-post approval requests and view of approvals/rejections by compliance
- ADV file for review reporting
- Product Marketing Materials for clients
- Investor information – profile, objectives, restrictions and guidelines reporting to Compliance
- Alerts on calendar due dates
- Issue Management Task Reporting

Compliance Functions

- Compliance Calendar. Process Monitoring, Identifying issues and managing mitigation
- Review of Outside Business Activities and recording additional information, raising issues if seen and follow up to monitor mitigation
- Recording and Review of Conflicts of Interests, raising issues if seen and follow up to monitor mitigation
- Manage pre-trade requests, pre-gifts and political contributions, expenses and identifying issues and follow up to monitor mitigation
- Monitoring trades and verify best execution, investor guideline conflicts, suitability reviews
- Monitor personal trades to identify conflicts and ensure mitigation
- Investor Due Diligence for KYC, CIP, AML
- Investor transaction, fees and guideline monitoring
- Investor Complaints Management
- Issue assignment, and mitigation monitoring
- Trade monitoring for insider and other violations
- Risk trends with graphics and reports
- Queries and Reports to view, print and export to Excel / PDF formats


- Training Calendar
- Assignments with Alerts
- Training Status Monitoring


- Send Documents for Attestation
- Online Attestation for documents
- Status of attestation requests


- Compliance Dashboard for Compliance Officers with Slice and dice & deep drill down on all information gathered Issues, risk and mitigation management and trends with graphics and reports
- Queries and Reports to view, print and export to Excel / PDF formats