GRACE - Form PF Solution

Who needs to file?

Large Hedge funds Advisors with $1.5 Billion RAUM and Large Liquidity Advisors with $1 Billion RAUM have to file on a quarterly basis on the last day of any month in the fiscal quarter. All organizations below this threshold and at least $150 Mil RAUM have to file on a yearly basis. Form PF is divided into four sections, each of which applies differently depending on the type of investment adviser filling out the Form.

  • Section 1 most sub sections must be completed by all Form PF filers
  • Section 2 must be completed by Large Hedge Fund Advisers
  • Section 3 must be completed by Large Liquidity Fund Advisers
  • Section 4 must be completed by Large Private Equity Fund Advisers


Form PF needs extensive data gathering and compilation to provide integrated, accurate and consistent information from multiple data sources including Form ADV, internal calculations, documentation , reports, investor communication and marketing material making it an onerous task

Our solution

GRACE Form PF helps you with all the aspects of preparation from data gathering to filing and offers the following features:

  • Ability to store all relevant supporting documents and data
  • Authorization and review workflows
  • Internal collaboration
  • Data collection from internal systems
  • Revision history
  • Reviews and approvals by section
  • Help documentation
  • Convenient navigation to section, subsection level
  • Dashboard of status of data and reviews
  • Graphical, drill down and query and trending analytics of business data gathered for Form PF

The Integrated Approach to Form PF

The integrated approach to Form PF that GRACE PF offers allows you to have a methodical, consistent and repeatable process and manage it with ease. Built on industry standard Oracle Database, GRACE Form PF provides a secure platform to build your firm's Form PF data repository. Its web based delivery allows you to aco seecess the data from anywhere you are.