GRACE - CCO for Integrated Compliance Management

With the Risk based examination process instituted by FINRA and SEC, Integrated Compliance Management is a big need for all investment management organizations be it hedgefunds,broker-dealers or registered investment advisors. With the stringent fines being imposed by regulators, a streamlined approach to have a centrally managed set of books and records for all areas of compliance processes including trades, insider information, portfolio management, market disclosures, filings, approvals, code of ethics, conflicts monitoring has become the imperative. GRACE-CCO is a web based system that addresses the needs of the Chief compliance Officer to stay on top of all compliance requirements of the organization. It can be the central repository of all compliance information and processes that can be presented to regulators and investors.

GRACE-CCO is a web based SaaS model solution that automates the compliance and oversight management process through its comprehensive set of functions. It captures all documents, reviews and comments associated with these activities and provides a single repository of information that can be easily retrieved for audit purposes. The SaaS model nature of GRACE-CCO can help you as a customer to start your Compliance Monitoring program as soon as you sign up without having to create any hardware infrastructure.

Be able to verify compliance activity in an organized and integrated way to see risk trends early

Be ready for SEC Audits at all times and meet the SEC requirements for compliance

Be operationally efficient in compliance management by consolidation of all evidence information

centrally. Having them spread out in multiple excel files, documents and paper trails makes the process inefficient and labor intensive to retrieve and produce it for audit

Help senior management be confident that they are conforming to their fiduciary duties

Implement best practices in compliance and oversight management

Have integrated view of all compliance activities in the organization

Reduce time spent, and costs in the compliance management process

Provides significant cost savings on the firm to prove compliance

Reduces compliance issues and monitors issue management to closure

Early identification and control reduces cost of mitigation

Be able to search and retrieve information with least time and cost for audits and assessments

Have better internal control, regulatory compliance & enhanced predictability

Build ownership, responsibility and accountability for compliance and its management

Institutionalize the compliance management process

Own the knowledge in the enterprise and not lose it when key people leave

Demonstrates the culture of compliance to regulators and investors

Compliance Management

Set up the Compliance Calendar
Set up Standard Compliance checklists
Set up Tasks and assign responsibility to check and report on a periodic basis
Record Findings and Review Issues that are seen
Identify risks that may need mitigation
Alerts for Compliance due dates and Tasks
Record status of mitigation

Regulations Database

Set up the Regulations Database
Keep track of regulations and their requirements
Monitor impact of regulation changes
Manage the Mitigation process to closure

Annual Reviews

Set up the Annual Review Calendar
Conduct Annual Review
Record findings
Record Material Weaknesses
Identify Risks
Work out the Mitigation Strategy and assign tasks
Monitor Mitigation tasks to closure

Approval Request and Review Workflows

Workflows to accept pre-trade, gift,political donation requests
Send them to the CCO
CCO to approve / reject based on defined rules
Notification of approval or rejection
Audit trail of all requests and their status

Reporting for Compliance

Personal trades
Outside Business Activities
Any Insider information received
Any Conflicts of interests

Ethics and Conflicts

Set up the Code of Ethics and make it available on-line to the users
Conduct Training for Code of Ethics
Survey employees for understanding of code of ethics
Employee Attestation

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of interest reporting and review
Conflict of Interest identified from transactions

Trade Monitoring

Set up Trade Restricted & Watch list
Enter pre-trade approval requests
Do Pre-trade approval
Post trade reporting, review and mark exception
Employee Personal Trading reporting and review
Record Insider information
End of Day Trade Verification and Issue Identification

Trading Analytics

Employee Trading Patterns
Personal trading Patterns
Instrument Trading Patterns
Escalation of risky trades
Monitoring remediation

Compliance Dashboard

A comprehensive compliance dashboard that provides detail Compliance Analytics on:
Compliance tasks and their progress
Risks identified
Mitigation management of the risks
Trade compliance - approval requests, approvals, rejections , post-trade reporting, trade violations
Gifts,political contributions, and other outside activity approval requests, approvals and rejections
Employee Personal trade reporting, pre-trade requests, approvals and post trade analysis