We are your "Sentinel of Risk Management"

We pride ourselves in being early provider of innovative solutions that understand and address complex changes in the global market

We help you stay ahead of the competition through adoption of comprehensive, efficient and best practice risk management processes

Under the changing market conditions and regulatory environment organizations which are competitive and successful are determined by

  • Good Corporate Governance
  • Stringent Risk Management
  • Regulatory Compliance

La Meer Inc. offers GRACE Suite of web based software solutions
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Trade Compliance
  • Operational Due Diligence
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Vendor Risk Management
  • IT Governance, Risk and Compliance
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We offer GRACE-ORM for Operational Risk Management in Banks to help you establish
  • Sound Corporate Governance
  • Culture of Risk Management
  • Improve Credit Ratings
  • Early Visibility to Risks
  • Reduced Cost of Mitigation
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We offer GRACE-ODD to conduct operational due diligence on your portfolio during selection and on an ongoing basis to help
  • Identify sound firms to include in your portfolio
  • Monitor them periodically to identify risks early
  • Be able to take action on risks to reduce losses
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We offer GRACE-CCO for Compliance Managers in Asset Management firms to streamline and organize monitoring to ensure zero compliance violations
  • Establishing policies, procedures and code of ethics as needed by Dodd-Frank Act
  • Monitor and approve trade compliance, gifts, conflicts of interest, personal trades
  • Verify compliance, conduct annual reviews, monitor insider trading, trading patterns...
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We offer GRACE-AML for Banks and Asset Management Organizations to establish policies and procedures, conduct risk assessments, and ensure internal control testing of all Anti-Money Laundering processes in your organization to
  • Ensure compliance to the provisions of BSA/AML Act
  • Be able to escalate risks and take early corrective action
  • Reduce risks of fines and punitive action
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We offer GRACE-Vendor to establish vendor due diligence processes during selection conduct periodic monitoring, conduct risk assessments, and monitor vendor risks including business continuity to
  • Reduce vendor non-compliance to your defined processes
  • Reduce organizational risk from vendors through periodic monitoring
  • Ensure vendors are complying to regulatory requirements
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About Us - La Meer Inc.

La Meer Inc. based in Silicon Valley CA offers web based risk management software solutions and consulting for financial services. Our solutions and services incorporate best practices and requirements from the latest global regulatory changes including Dodd Frank Act, Basel III, AIFMD, FATCA, AML and DOL (Department of Labor) Fiduciary Rule.

Our specialized GRACE suite of products address the needs of operational risk management, operational due diligence, compliance management and regulatory filings in banks, alternate investments, pensions, endowments, fund of hedge funds, wealth management and broker-dealer segments. They help you institutionalize risk management and establish "Culture of Compliance" to address regulatory examinations and create assurance for your investors.

Additionally, we offer consulting services in Risk Assessments, IT Risk assessments, Cyber security assessments, as per the requirements of SEC.

Specialized DOL Solution

La Meer's GRACE specialized DoL solution for Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule compliance makes it easy for you to manage your existing client data, review and recommend changes, and manage the process with your clients effectively. It provides the ongoing process for ensuring best interest standard adherence in your organization.

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New Releases

La Meer Inc. Releases GRACE AIM (Active Investor Management) V 3.0 to handle Department of Labor (DOL) requirements

US Department of Labor (DOL) announced new protections to ensure that Americans who are saving for retirement will have access to financial advice in their best interest.

La Meer Inc. Releases GRACE AIM (Active Investor Management) V 3.0 to address the changes needed by Broker-dealers/Advisors to for Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Rule.GRACE AIM's web based functionality has been enhanced to help organizations address the April 2017 deadline and to comply with the regulatory requirements henceforth

Prior to April 2017 the GRACE system will help:

  • The Compliance Team and DOL management committees audit , review and classify the current clients based on their current account size, household size, products they use, whether they are fee based / commission based and other criteria. Clients can be classified to be moved to Best Interest Contract (BIC), be put on hold, be given up based on the threshold criteria / guidelines decided by the organization. The GRACE system can be used to query, print and track all the of the clients and their statuses to help you manage the change in an effective way
  • Compliance can also manage the process of communication to the advisor and advisor to the client through calendaring and followup mechanisms
  • GRACE's tablet enabled Advisor Portal, can allow advisors have easy access to client data for meetings, record notes on discussions and send them for review to Compliance and Legal to generate the BIC (Best Interest Contract). Alerts for due dates for calendar events will be automatically generated
  • Compliance can have a dashboard for Advisors and their client statuses to ensure that all clients have been taken care of within the DOL dates and appropriate actions have been concluded.

GRACE AIM's standard processes for Client Suitability review, Account Opening, Client Transaction Monitoring, Portfolio Analysis, Fees and Billing information, Client Compliants, Annual reviews and AML monitoring make it a very comprehensive tool for not only the DOL change but also for efficient Client Management for the long term.

GRACE Broker-Dealer's Newly added Outside Business Activity Monitoring Module

GRACE Broker-dealer's Branch and Rep Monitoring module offers easy verification and alerts on outside activity information of Reps' Companies, Bankruptcies, Debts, Court Liens and Judgments, Criminal Violations, Convictions and Arrests, Presence in sanctions lists through data loaded from our data providers on an automated basis. Its user friendly interface helps you identify and red flag representatives that may be involved in suspicious activities.

GRACE offers Rep's Personal trade monitoring through automation and aggregation of trades from the various discount brokerages like Schwab, Fidelity,TD Ameritrade and others where Reps have their personal accounts. Automated alerts against restriction lists and trade reviews for outliers can help red flag trades and identify conflicts on a daily basis.

GRACE helps conduct Periodic Branch and Rep audits to ensure the policies and procedures of the firm are being followed with respect to client management, marketing, advertising, privacy of client information, client complaints and other processes to red flag issues in Branches and reps that can be identified and mitigated early

GRACE provides Training and Attestation functions to ensure Branch Personnel & Reps are made aware of the latest policies and procedure and vouch their understanding to ensure compliance

The powerful GRACE dashboard with drill down to details can help supervisors manage the red flags as soon as they appear to ensure early corrective action.

The web based GRACE is a powerful tool that can help monitor and manage branches and reps and establish "Culture of Compliance" with strong supervisory processes to align with FINRA's expectations. GRACE can help you manage this process comprehensively, effectively and efficiently and save you dollars in regulatory fines and reputation risk that a few bad apples could create for your organization.